Publishing Process


Stage I: Manuscript Review

  1. Submission of Manuscripts. Prospective authors submit their draft book manuscripts to the Literacy Institute editorial in softcopy, and then the Literacy Institute will provide a receipt as proof of receipt of the manuscript.
  2. Review. The manuscript received will then be reviewed to determine whether the manuscript is fit for publication or not. Audit includes fulfilling the main requirements when submitting a manuscript, namely completeness of the manuscript, technical writing, and systematic of the manuscript.
  3. Decision. After the review process is complete, the Literacy Institute will decide whether the manuscript can be accepted and then immediately published, revised, or rejected. The decision is made based on the consideration of the marketing prospects of the script.

Stage II: Manuscript Processing

  1. Editing Process. After the manuscript is declared fit for publication, the next process is editing, namely correcting a manuscript based on linguistic and systematic aspects. If during the editing process, the editor encounters things that are not clear, the editor will make notes containing questions about the manuscript. The notes are then sent to the author for confirmation and correction. In the editing process, no special software is used, but it is done manually. To help with the editing process, the Literacy Institute editorial uses the latest edition of the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), the fifth edition compiled by the Language Development and Development Agency, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Layout and Cover Design Process. The layout stage is the stage where the manuscript is arranged, visually beautified in the original form of the book, including the size of the manuscript, type of font, numbering, and layout of the subtitles. After the layout process is complete, and then the cover design is carried out. In this case, the designer will draft a cover that matches the contents of the book. However, if the author has an image that he wants to use, it can be submitted to us to be processed. The software used is Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and other design support software.
  3. Proofreading Process. The manuscript that has been completed is then sent back to the author for approval. If there is some input from the author, the editor will make improvements. But if the authors AGREE to the manuscript design, it will proceed to the next process, namely submitting ISBN and Print. COMPLAINTS DESIGN TEXT after printing, outside the responsibility of the publisher.
  4. ISBN and Barcode process. All books published by the Literacy Institute have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) serial number. The ISBN is issued by the National Library of Indonesia. After the book is assigned an ISBN, then the Barcode design is carried out which will be placed on the back cover. Generally, this process takes approximately 7 days.
  5. Print Process. If the manuscript and cover are free of corrections, have an ISBN, and a Barcode, then the printing process is carried out.